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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"साहित्यसौरभ" अस्मिता वाहिनी, मुंबई आकाशवाणीवर माझ्या कविता!!!

२७ मार्च, गुढीपाडवा,
रात्री १० वाजता,
मुंबई आकाशवाणीच्या अस्मिता वाहिनीवर,
साहित्यसौरभ”  मधे माझ्या कविता ऐका! 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Huge Circle

When they shouldered you flag
I realized since then
The nail of the left index finger
Carries a black dot progressing
An inch at a time and...
Getting vanished
Millions of dots
Millions of such fingers
Millions of raised hands
Begging... demanding... suffocating...
Just exchange of chairs
Masks remaining the same
You, the world’s largest democracy
All black dots form a huge circle on your crown...
I remember the widow in the past in a remote village
Who shared the same black dot on her forehead...