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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fog

When I reached in the fog
For the first time
Do I say it was an encounter?
I just got awake and came out
And lost my senses
By seeing the silky transparent curtain
The sun was as soothing as the silver moon
On a full moon day
Charged and energized by the scene
I started towards the fog to reach at it
But to my surprise
The fog was getting ahead beyond my reach
All was very clear to me
Where I was standing
And behind me?-it was again the fog!
My way ahead and my way behind
Was as if blocked
I decided to go ahead to reach the fog
And geared myself
From behind the silky curtain
Were appearing the milky bushes, the milky trees,
The milky way
And among these was I
Traveling along as if wearing magical glasses
The sun was changing its colours
And I remained staring at it
It was turning golden
And the fog began to recede
Beyond the mountains
How could I reach there?
I laughed, turned back
To see handful of pearls
Scattering near my feet
I tried to catch them
And saw a wagging glossy leaf
Over which was falling
A garland of dewdrops…
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