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Monday, December 8, 2008

Nandan_Film Script_Some Scenes

Late 70’s, an old stone built house’s courtyard in a semi urban area/EXT/INT/ Evening

Fade In

A dark square is seen from high top. As the dark square comes nearer, it becomes clear that it is a very old stone built construction-four walls. In its centre is a hexagonal stone built water reservoir, over which a back of a human head is bending.
All the walls are seen from inside. Roots and small trees resembling large inhuman hands are emerging out of the joints of stones.
The face becomes clear of the bending head in its reflection. He is a boy of 17-18 years, looking deeply in the water. Orange colored fishes are seen in the water, one fish has a big black colored spot on it. The boy is seen concentrating on that particular fish.
Suddenly the fishes start moving fast and ripples are seen on the water diffusing his face.

SCENE 2: Old stonebuilt house’s room/INT/Day

Hands holding a twelve standard science book for reading are seen. The person holding the book is the same boy. Trying to concentrate in the book but is continuously getting disturbed by the conversation of a man and a widow sitting in a nearby room. The widow is around seventy and the man is in his forties. The man looks towards the boy and then lowering his voice restarts the conversation. The woman also looks towards the boy.

The man (very dry voice)
So Ma…Now we have finalized… We are getting married… I and

The boy behind the book hears the man clearly and gets totally disturbed, his pupils are wavering.

SCENE3: Old stone built house’s courtyard/INT/EXT/Evening

There are ripples on the water and the boy concentrates on them, his eyes become red and pupils waver. He is trying to control the movement of his pupils.
It is getting very dark and off screen the widow’s voice is heard.

Nandan s… Nandan ss…Nandu ss… O s Nandya ss…

The repetitive calls of the woman get in vain as they are unheard by the boy-Nandan. He is unmoved. At last he replies.
Coming ss Grandma ss…

Fade out…

SCENE 4: The old stone built house, its courtyard/EXT/INT/Afternoon

Fade In

The shining old stone built house is seen as a background. Back figure of Nandan enters through the get holding a sac on his right arm and walks towards the house. He reaches the courtyard and stops. Looking towards the huge house he lingers. The figure of Nandan looks too small standing before the house. He looks at the French type window upstairs with old wooden doors and wooden planks nailed horizontally one by one on the lower half of it. The window is open and nobody is seen there in the window. Nandan looks towards the four wall structure surrounding the reservoir in the courtyard, decides and starts walking towards it. He enters the structure and sees above. The same type of window here-above the reservoir is seen closed. He stares in the water and his sac on his right arm gets dismounted from his arm. He holds it near his chest. His whole body crouches. He sits on a big stone on the bank of the reservoir looking deeply in the water. The water, the fishes, the dark green colored mossy bottom, everything seems coming nearer and nearer to him, as if piercing his eyes. His reflection in the water is getting diffused.
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