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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Utsav_Short Film_Some Scenes

Scene 1
Fade in.
This is a first day of Ganpati festival. The street is in total chaos. Destitute selling flowers, leaves and various articles used for the rituals are the main vendors on the street.
Ganesh idols of various sizes and shapes are being carried by the individuals of various castes, creeds, religions and income strata to their respective houses.
The street is full of people and the idols in their hands or kept on their respective heads seem as extensions of their bodies.

Scene 2
Constant pour of the waste flowers, leaves on the street has turned in to mud.
A woman carries the protagonist- a male to a muddy area and forces him to sit down by thrusting a torn, dirty gunny bag under him. The protagonist has lost his health by heavy drinking habits. He is drunk at this time too. Right in front of him on the muddy street is a torn, old some what blue colored plastic sheet. On this sheet are kept some scattered groups of the discolored Aster flowers for sale.
The protagonist is laughing and looking here and there for no reason. Alternate expressions of being in sense (serious) and off sense (laughing) are prominent on his face. The protagonist’s laughing face turns towards left end of the street.

Scene 3
View outside the suburban railway station with a flyover just parallel to the station. Rush of the Ganesh idol carrying devotees is constantly pouring on the street from down under the flyover. The protagonist watches the rush of devotees running towards him and fear mounts on his face. He feels as if a group of warriors is attacking him. To avoid the attack his face forcibly turns to the other end.

Scene 4
View of a Kabutarkhana, around it are placed platoons of armed police force. The police force is trying to control the Ganesh idol carrying devotee’s rush. In the process the devotees are being pushed back, pushed towards the footpath, on the fence of the Kabutarkhana. The devotees are colliding on each other. A minor massacred is about to take place.
Suddenly a flock of pigeons sitting and eating the grains scattered on the floor of kabutarkhana gets disturbed and flies up. One or two pigeons sit on a hanging banner. The words written are wishes for a new year.
The protagonist watches the banner and his face becomes much serious. It reminds him of some past event.

Scene 5
Near a temple a procession is seen headed by a top class band. The music instruments are sparkling in the scorching sun. The royal look of the music players is attracting the audience. In the midst of the procession is a silver plated glittering open horse couch.
A man with thick glasses is standing prominently on the glittering open horse couch surrounded by few men holding him piously. The man with thick glasses bends. When he stands straight he is carrying his used trouser. He throws away his used trouser at the crowd in the procession. The crowd tries to grab it and cries as if a wicket has fallen on a cricket ground or a goal has been scored on a hockey or a football ground. The man is throwing away his used clothes and the crowd is desperate to grab them. Crowd’s degree of desperation is increasing.
The protagonist is in decent attire standing near a bank entrance gate. He is seeing the view for the first time and is confused concentrating on the view. He is wearing a bank uniform of a 4th class employee and carrying a broom in his hand. He gets disturbed by a giggle and starts looking nearby. Two young boys are giggling looking at the man throwing the clothes.

Boy 2
Hey! What is he doing?
Boy 1
Hey! You don’t know? He is taking Sanyas. He wants to get away from all worldly matters!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Like this?

Both the boys bang their palms on each other and are about to exit. The protagonist is alternately looking at the procession and the boys. The procession moves ahead and protagonist turns to go back to his working place. As soon as he turns he sees a fat buddy standing in his way as an obstacle. The fat man is clasping his hands together and piously looking at the procession. The protagonist makes a way and crosses the fat man. After few paces protagonist turns towards the fat man. Now he is looking alternately at the procession and the fat man’s posterior frame.
The protagonist recollects various scenes in the working place where in the fat man had crossed his anger limits and had made a big show out of very ordinary matters.

Scene 6:
The protagonist now sitting in the midst of the Ganpati festival rush is laughing looking at the temple. His mind is engrossed by images of the fat person in the Jain temple. The fat person is wearing white clothes and has a yellow colored thick line on his forehead. He with all his enthusiasm and happiness is greeting everybody around him in the temple. New Year wishes are being exchanged.
The images of the fat person getting unnecessarily angry by a non issue at the workplace and the images of his extra pious ness have caused collage of contradictions in the protagonist’s mind. It turns in to a chaos and the protagonist laughs sarcastically.

Scene 7
Top view of the street suggests total turbulence of the rush. Ganpati idol bearing devotees and accompanies are coming from everywhere and are joining the street. They are quitting the street via narrow roads on both sides of the Kabutarkhana. The minor massacred is getting more intense now. The parked flashing police vans and the weapon carrying police force around here are making the matter worse.
The pattern made by the rush resembles a circular cyclonic pattern which is alarmingly and intensely developing.

Scene 8
The protagonist is getting suffocated in the developing circular cyclonic pattern of rush around him.
The Ganapati idols carried by various devotees around are looking like sitting in a merry go round to him.
Slowly he hears a definite rhythm out of the Ganpati idol’s movements around him.
This rhythm resembles that of a perticular style of festive regional group dance to him.
The protagonist’s hands are tapping as if he is holding sticks in his hand and playing a drum in accordance with the sounding rhythm.
His face depicts the heavenly happiness of the rhythm and the music.
In his mind he is recollecting past events.
His hands are smoothly tapping on the rhythm in a slow motion.
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