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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down Under The Flyover

The flyover and we

A huge campaign of erecting flyovers started in the city. We were reading about it in daily newspapers, as always we do. Then we used to discuss it in the local trains, as always and forget those after getting down at respective destinations. These discussions which often accompany us up to our work stations are always capable of applying one's attention in many directions at once. These off course are based on the opinions of several newspapers, periodicals and TV channels. These do have a definite base. This base need not be thought provoking but it must be sensational. The local train journey should be fruitful. One’s pathos (?) should be fully cleared so that one can keep mum at other times. What else an appellant hampered by the circumstances of the city life would do?
The idea of erecting the flyovers in the city, the scheme developed to perform the same, the funding schemes to execute the schemes, various corporations formed, loans distributed… we gathered every bit of information but what not one can remember in the hectic day to day routine? An ultra dashing (?) chief minister, a mettlesome and pleasurist deputy CM and a rather weighty minister for construction formed the exact alliance and we were confirmed that our city is on to a makeover! We would definitely surpass the Singapore and the Shanghai! Some of us grumbled it would have been better if one would have been ‘in’ the system at such times! Some of us exclaimed; let them have their share of bribe, our cars should be free of the jams! Others said, let it be! What difference does it make if the flyovers get erected or not? Thus the activity of vetoing started in us-Oh! By activity we mean a verbal exchange! What else we would do? We were not the doers or the executors!
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