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Friday, November 7, 2008

Guru Resorts

It was just because of the united 5's that this complex came in to existence. The united 5's were Bhau, Bapu, Nana, Anna and Virendra. Any body of them would have easily erected the complex. Every body of them had the capacity and vision to do the same but then the term organization would have been senseless. Even after getting organized the same should reach out just not to each other's minds or to the minds of few people. It should be conveyed largely, widely. In today's world one has to obey certain rules. Hence a right scheme was planned. Perfect discipline was observed and one can surely say that the Guru resort was planned meticulously. That was enough. To manage labour, money etc. was not at all difficult. Off all the 5's Virendra was representing the rural area and was off course rough and dashing. Anna was representing the semi urban area. Nana was from the other state who was a native of this state and representing the people of this state staying in the other state. Bhau was representing the white collars salaried strata in the city and Bapu was educating the elites in the metropolitan city. These elites were from upper middle class, newly rich, those who had advanced themselves from middle class to upper middle etc. but were craving vary much for the Adhyatma. Nana who was a native but was from the other state was very old, almost approaching his limits. ‘White collar' Bapu was quite old but was not to be termed as very old. Semi urban Anna was aged but not old. ‘Elite' Bapu was an adult and the rural Virendra was quiet young. These stalwarts of various groups have not just distributed the masses among themselves but the respective strata have bestowed its guru to its fullest extent. Every Guru had distinguishing charismatic element and every Guru had hypnotized a different strata. But this thing only has caused the fame to each of the 5's.The everlasting fame. To create a mass hysteria or hysterias like this is unique in its own way! To get bestowed by even the most ignorant person is not everybody's or for that matter every Guru's cup of tea. Here one should not at all think that the term ignorant is used only for the illiterates. To conclude, erecting the Guru Resorts designed by these united 5's was the most sensational event. The opening ceremony was the climax of this event. To choose the day of Gurupornima (full moon day celebrated to worship the Gurus) as the ceremonial day was the height of their shrewdness and exactly the same can be said about the main criteria of restricting their followers to attend the opening ceremony! This was definitely understandable and was the illustrative example of every Guru’s openness towards their followers that after the opening ceremony the followers were the owners of the complex in a way! There was a definite risk in allowing all the followers to attend the opening ceremony. The function would be unnecessarily glamorous. To maintain peace, discipline etc. was equally important. And above all no one could predict (including the united 5's) as how the followers of various Gurus’ would react after gathering together. They would collide on each other or they would obstruct each other or there would be a war like atmosphere or the spurge of globalization will lead them all in a totally unknown direction. It was all unpredictable…
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