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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Her Excursions

At the age of thirty nine she came across an urgent need of her higher secondary passing certificate. The primary eligibility criterion for a diploma she had enrolled for was higher secondary certificate. She had earned a degree afterwards. Still higher secondary certificate criterion was must. The university had certain compulsory guidelines for the diploma. She had completed two years of the diploma; next year was the concluding one. The institution where she had enrolled for the diploma had informed about all this now and further warned that it would be a major problem if anybody does not submit the higher secondary certificate at the earliest. She had all the passing certificates of all the exams up to the degree but… she searched for the higher secondary passing certificate everywhere. She had the photocopies of the same but university had asked for the original and she was not able to find exactly that! Further she would remember the file in which the certificate was kept. She would remember the colour, the texture of the file. She would remember why it was kept in that particular file. The other papers she would perfectly remember which she had kept along with the certificate in the same file. The thought started making everlasting drill in her brain, in her memory. The same everlasting drill which starts many a times in one’s brain. It starts, develops and finally ends to make a way for another drilling thought. This was just like that. What to do? To make a request for a duplicate saying that the original is lost. Where to make the request? Should I request the college? Well! College doesn’t have it then? Should I request the higher secondary board? Would the board will able to deliver the twenty odd years old certificate? How much fees would they charge? - Fees don’t matter in fact but- where is the board office? It would be at the same place where it was previously? Else where would it be? Would I get the same in the college easily? Do I remember any body through whom I would reach the college office? Any contact I remember? If Baba would have been there he would have suggested number of contacts. If he would have been there… the journey of the thought used to end here and then would start the unavoidable, cumbersome, unwanted excursions of wayward glimpses of the past life...                                 

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