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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Janmejay's Warfare


Janmejay prepared himself for the departure. He has to prepare himself for it right from the morning. Thoughts of the departure used to disturb his nights – the sudden awakes… these sudden awakes prevailed also by so many other reasons.

Sister Aakruti’s eight year old son Puru used to enjoy more in the Gagangrass co-operative housing society. He would travel everywhere in his sleep the whole night and used to hammer Janmejay’s back, the whole night.
If Puru would not have been there then sister Vibhuti's six year old daughter Sharmishtha used to spend sleepless nights. Gagangrass co-operative society was her favorite place of enjoyment.
By chance if Sharmishtha had a sleep then there used to be sister Sameekha who used to come over from the nearest town Pune along with her 4year old twins. The whole Gagangrass co-operative society used to assemble in the apartment to see and to enjoy the amusing activities of the twins, the whole night.
If not this then there would be sister Meemansa, the confused mother with her new born infant, the whole night.
And if nothing at all was there then there used to be sister Samidha's friend circle, sitting in the drawing room and giggling, almost the whole night.
Else or otherwise Madhavswami and Krupamai- Janmejay's parents- would discuss and dig any issues including the issue of sister Samidha's marriage, up to the dawn.
If not then Janmejay himself could not get sleep, for no reason, up to the dawn.
He would get drowsy during the dawn, about to get deep sleep, feeling some sweet but acute sensations in his abdomen running downwards and his sleep would get suddenly disturbed. The thought of the departure would cause this disturbed state. Such was the phenomenon of his departure.
He got up in the morning realizing the phenomenon of the morning by keeping the thought of the departure in his deep conscience. He was not able to find the direction in which to go. After realizing it he did not find the way. Somebody from sister Samidha's friend circle, sister Akruti's husband, sister Meemansa's brother in law, Janmejay's second, third or the forth cousin's some guest who did not get any place in the Gagangrass co-operative society's any other apartment - the whole lot of such personalities messed around, as always it was. He reached the washbasin and found his toothbrush missing-must have been used by somebody and misplaced. As always it was. He then searched for his own bath towel and found it already used, like many a times it has been. He waited for tea and found his mother already leaving for her Yoga classes. He waited for breakfast and found sister Vibhuti leaving for her bath. Janmejay stood like a statue holding sister Vibhuti's daughter Sharmishtha who was finally feeling sleepy. This was the status qua of Janmejay this morning. As if this was not enough he found the sensation of excrement. The one already clearing himself in the toilet, the other waiting to go inside and the another finally succeeding as an intruder, Janmejay watched them all standing near the sole toilet of the apartment with the intensifying sensation in his bowls. Ultimately somehow he managed to have the dismal shower in the bathroom and came back to the bedroom…



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