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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Thespian Quotes On The Process Of Writing!

“I love to indulge in the physical process of writing. I enjoy this process even when there is nothing to be said.Give me a piece of paper, any paper, and a pen and I shall write as naturally as bird flies or a fish swims. Left to myself I scribble. And I never get tired of writing. I mean the physical process of writing. Lately I have learnt to work on a Word Processor. But I still prefer to write with my hand. Especially when I write in my mother-language i.e., Marathi. Writing gives me a pleasure which has no substitute. However tired I am, physically or mentally, the moment I pick up the pen and begin running it on a paper-any piece of paper-I feel good. I feel refreshed. I feel as if I am born again. Writing by itself is a luxury for me. When I write I forget myself. I forget my anxieties. I do not care what is around me… And I have written on the sick bed in the hospital in spite of my doctor’s advice not to tax myself. He did not know and would not accept that writing was not taxing to me at all. On the contrary it was soothing. It was a great relief. It was joy…”- Mr.Vijay Tendulkar
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